Desktop app not asking for 2FA after logout

I have my account 2FA-secured with Yubikeys. The vault timeout option is set to logout, not just lock. The Bitwarden website and browser extension always ask me for Master Password + Yubikey after timeout, but the Desktop app logs me straight in after the password. I checked I’m running the latest version of the app. Any ideas what’s wrong?

I’m on Fedora 33, kernel version: Linux 5.10.23-200.fc33.x86_64.

I assume that you activated the Remember me-option during log in.


Bingo. I usually never do that, so I didn’t even consider it as an option. Must have pressed it by accident at some point. I had to deauthorise my sessions from the Web vault to force 2FA upon login on all devices.
Thank you

Hello, I have a free account on windows 10 pc. I enabled the two factor authentication with an external app with codes. The issue is that the two factor prompt only appears on the browser extension, in mobile and web vault, but never appears in the windows desktop app, event though I selected specifically to be logged out in the app settings.
I cannot see an option to be remembered on the app… thus I don’t know how to solve this. Thanks in advance.

First log out. For that go to AccountLog out.

Next time you log back in you will be asked again for the 2FA.
And here is where you will find the “Remember me”-option:



Thanks a lot, it was solved somehow by itself! But thanks anyway for your patience!