Deleted login still visible on iOS

So I have deleted a login from the Safari plugin. I can see that it got deleted from the plugin, and also from the MacOS application. Login has also been deleted from the web vault.

However, the item is still visible on my iOS device, even after a log out and then log in.

Is this normal? Do I have to delete in multiple places?

If the Safari plugin has the new update (you should see a Trash and the shade of blue is darker than it used to be) then what’s likely happening is the deleted login is sitting in the Trash (on devices that support it) but devices that don’t support it read that as “not deleted” (for that the login would have to be deleted from the trash). This would make sense as iOS has not gotten a new version of the app yet that supports the Trash (although maybe Safari hasn’t either, I dunno).

If the Safari plugin doesn’t have the new update…no idea.

Safari update hasn’t made it out yet, it’ll be bundled with the new Mac desktop app. Coming soon!

You’re right. My app does have the trash and iOS is still behind.

Thank you.