Deleted custom field data being cached somewhere?

Early on today I created a custom field for one of my banking site logons (Userid). All initially looked fine until I clicked to the logon next page when it started filling in the random password fields with the userid as well! (Guessing the element names were the same) So I decided to delete the custom field altogether. However, when I came to test the link again the values were still all filling despite having deleted the custom field. I deleted and recreated the banks logon account in BW, tried again but the fields were still autocompleting. I logged out of BW, cleared all the browser (Firefox) cookies, closed Firefox and ran CCleaner and rebooted the PC. Back into BW but to no avail - still autocompleting the deleted custom field/s.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Perhaps your browser itself does auto-fill of input fields?

Thanks for the link MetBril. Looking at the autofill settings in Firefox they all seem to be okay with no history or data attached. What seems to point me to BW is that this only happens when I am logged into BW, if I am logged out then I have no problems and the fields aren’t autofilled. Strange…