Delete history of items

For the security reason, maybe user need to delete saved password which used before, and do not want to delete whole item, So a feature which delete one item from history is a great option.

I’d like this too.

The reasoning behind this:

I wanted to share password with an organization, however the previous password was reused (bad practice, I know), so I have changed it before sharing.

Even though I have changed the weak password they can still see the full password history and potentially use the weak password elsewhere. Obviously a workaround is to change all service using that password, but it would be better if history could just be purged

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I want this feature too.
I also have some weak passwords in the history which I want to delete.

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I want too. It’s a great weakness in bitwarden.

I think this is a great idea. Often times I’ll create a password in Bitwarden only to find it doesn’t meet the expectations of the website (e.g. too long, wrong special characters, etc.), so I’ll “change” the password. It’d be nice if I could get rid of these passwords that never really were passwords.