Default username for New Logins

Feature name

  • Default username

When creating new Login’s with BW, i quickly realized that 90% of my usernames are the same (my email address, which happens to be ~ 20 chars, so no short). It would be nice if i could set a “default username” that auto-populates when i create a new login so i dont have to type it in. Of course, if the username is different, i can simply clear it and type in whatever username is applicable.

Feature function

  • Streamline New Login creation, especially on mobile devices

Welcome, @emp299!

Does this contribution [Default usernames] cover this by chance?

ah - it would. idk how i missed that w/ my search!

It looks like that’s not release yet - right?

yep, it’s in progress :slight_smile:

There is also a feature request thread here: Default username

I’ll close this topic so the rest of the conversation/votes/etc can go into the existing thread :+1: