Default Organization/Ownership

This is by far the biggest disadvantage of Bitwarden for businesses.

Thanks all, the team is reviewing this one :+1:


Definitely need to feature for our business, but also for my family to set up saving to the shared organization by default.

Thanks, the team is currently exploring this one :+1:

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I’m currently trying “Families” plan to share passwords with some family members, and I’ve been really surprised that a “default organization + collection” is not yet a settings. This is really painful to have to set the same organization + collection on (almost) each password creation. I already now that my family members won’t do it by default, so I hope the “default organization + collection” settings will come soon :wink:

Adding another vote and comment for this feature. Having to go into the web interface every other week for all family members to shift everyone’s credentials from the private vault where they inevitably got created to the family org one is just a pain. Being able to set the default vault to store things in seems like a relatively minor feature request, but it does increase usability for people paying for the family plan.