Default Collection missing from Organization

It seems like I have somehow deleted the default collection but it’s still included within “all entries”. When I open my vault I see double entries, but when I open each collection individually, I see no double entries. Another way to confirm this assumption is if I search for example for “Adobe”. I see only one single entry when I go through all of my collections. But when I select “All Entries” I see two. So I can only choose to see all entries + all collections combined, but not “default collection” as it’s missing. Any idea on how to get it back?

When I was importing my data initially, I just put everything to the default collection, but since I wanted to have the entries seperated, I deleted the collection and created new ones, but the entries apparently still remained without the collection existing anymore…

Hey there, unless you delete the items or purge the vault (please ensure backups in place) from account settings, deleting a collection just moves those items to the unassigned collection.

So is there a way to list items from the unassigned collection?

In the org view, there should be a collection called ‘unassigned’.

Nope, I only have my own collections there. Neither in the left side of the vault nor in the manage collections section. How can I bring it back?

In the web vault, click on Organizations in the blue menu bar at the top. I suspect that you must be viewing your personal vault instead.

I’m selfhosting though, and it’s missing in my organizations vault (on premise docker install).

@justarandomsysadmin - it should be there. What version of Bitwarden Server are you hosting?


Server Installed

Web Installed

@dh024 or @dwbit Any Idea on how to fix this? I have bunch of uncategorized entries but I have no collection named like that. So there is no way for me to list all uncategorized items.

I even tried creating a collection with the same name, but it just shows the empty collection witho no etries instead.

I did a bit of digging and realized that free organizations are not supported under self-hosted Bitwarden instances. See the table at this link:

So now I am at a bit of a loss to explain how you were able to instantiate the organization in the first place, unless this is a paid instance - did you purchase an organization license? If so, I would definitely just contact Bitwarden customer support for help: