Decoy Vault (fake vault) to prevent physical attacks - Plausible deniability

Feature name: Decoy Vault

Context: Suppose Mr. John Smith is being threatened to open his Vault under physical violence by somebody (maybe a violent partner, a racist TSA officer at the airport, someone armed who broke into his home, a police officer in a country with an authoritarian government and weak civil rights, etc.). Since this is the place where he keeps important information, it would be great to mitigate the damage. This could be done by open a decoy vault with some (real or fake) information so the aggressor thinks he got what he was looking for from John and lets him escape from that situation.

This is where The Decoy Vault comes in. The Decoy Vault is a second vault, similar to his real Vault, where John can create real or fake entries, ID’s or credit cards, etc. By typing a second password or PIN, different from the master password/PIN that leads to John’s real Vault on the UI unlock screen, instead of opening his real Vault John could open his Decoy Vault with his fake accounts passwords and fake credit card number, the aggressor could get what he wants and let John go away.

email: [email protected]
real Vault master password: johnsmithPassword19!
Decoy Vault password: decoyVaultpassword

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