Dead sites report


what do you think about “dead sites” report – there should be collected all the service which are offline for more, let’s say then 2 weeks?

I’m quite sure it’s rather hard to check for such pages/websites.

You’d need to use something like but it would be extremely hard to automatically detect when website is gone for good.

Why would you need it anyways?

Good question – maybe just to keep database clean? :slight_smile:

Keeping things tidy would be nice. I have recently migrated a ton of data (over 700 items) from 1Password to Bitwarden and in cleaning them up I’ve found at least several that are for services that no longer even operate. But this is only something I’m finding because I’m spending hours and hours combing through my vault to make sure it’s accurate, which of course I don’t want to always do once I’ve confirmed my data was successfully imported from 1Password in all it’s glory.

While I can’t quite code it myself, I can’t imagine it’d be difficult to implement. I’m sure logic would be used so that it checks once a day, for example, and after 5 consecutive attempts and no successes, it marks it as “Possibly Offline” or something like that.

And of course, the onus would still be on the user to confirm/verify if this is accurate, just like the onus is on us for all other reports such as the Missing 2FA one where it sometimes reports 2FA for items but the 2FA doesn’t actually exist and the upstream provider needs to be updated to reflect that (or it isn’t available in certain countries, for example). In other words, we can’t expect reports to be 100% accurate all the time, we have to ensure the data provided to us is accurate and validate it ourselves. The point of such reports is to quickly save time rather than combing through every item individually to check for things like 2FA or weak passwords, etc.

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couldn’t have said it better myself.

The temptation in programming is to make things as easy to automate as possible. But somethings don’t have to be automated completely. I would in fact require any system like this to work through human validation. The alternative would be reaaaaal bad.

Also @DustinDauncey dont’ forget to vote if you like this idea.

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Thank you! And great catch, I just voted for it now. :slight_smile:

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fwiw, I use a python program called PyFunceble to do something similar for dead hosts checking in hosts files. I’m pretty sure it checks domains with a combination of nslookups and whois checks. On a list of, say, 700 domains it might take 30 minutes or so to check all of them.

And moreover, this can be controlled only on endpoint level, not central server.

Agreed. And maybe just done as you view one entry at a time or something. I also thought it would be cool if a password manager did something to verify a site’s SSL certificate so you know when a domain expired but someone else made a domain parked site in its place with a fake login prompt.


Like many other long time users here, I started using Roboform long back and then moved over to lastpass for over several years before finally moving to bitwarden. I have many websites which are quite outdated and no longer in service. I wish there was a simple report to see which websites are no longer valid for me to easily remove them from the vault.

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Can we please have a DNS report against the sites to check if there is a valid DNS record? That might be the easiest and most reliable. I really can’t go through my over 500 entries to verify which all are still valid. Many old logins I have might be dead websites.