Deactivate "intelligent" search and use exact terms


Is it possible to switch to a plain text search ?

I’m using the Firefox plugin of Bitwarden, for my job, and the search engine never finds what I’m looking for.

Before, I was using Keepass, which has a simple search engine.
If it finds the exact word, it matches. Otherwise, no.
And it was may more efficient than currently.

For example, when I’m searching “toto .tutu .com”, I have :

  • Domains with “toto .preprod .tutu .com”, “bla .tutu .com”, etc…
  • Entries with “toto”, “tutu” in the label, login, or other…
    Of course, it find multiple results as “tutu .com” is my company.
    I often have to browse manually each folders to find my entry.
    Sometimes, I think exporting all the vault and doing some “grep” on it would be more effective. (but a bit risky for the data)

I tried filters like “>login.uris”, but the result is the same.


PS : Added spaces because new users can’t publish too many urls.