Date created / modified in csv

Is the above in the csv export of a vault? I can’t see it so guess not. Can anyone tell me how to get it to show up, or detailed steps to get it another way.
It is imperative I am able to sort my vault by those criteria to make it fit my work flow. I am not ‘tech savvy’ so if there is another way and you have the time, could you please provide detailed, ‘little steps’ instructions!
Many thanks and here’s hoping…

Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to obtain that level of detail when you export your vault, regardless of the format,

If you really require it and willing to spend time on it , i can tell you about a DIY way but it requires much patience and some excel skills.
The entry revision date(i.e also the creation/import date) and password revision date does appear in the local cached version of your Bitwarden vault. They are also in plaintext , so you can copy those with help of vlookup Fn in your unencrypted csv ,the common point of match being the “id” field.

The brief steps would be as follows

  • Copy the database file data.json from the cached storage directory ( in case of windows its C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Bitwarden/data.json to a secure location.

  • Import the data.json file into excel (from the data tab Data>get data>from file>from json)
    This step is the most difficult as you need to define correct columns/value for json.
    I wouldn’t recommend using any online json-excel convertor as your data is sensitive and they usualy store your data.

  • After successfully importing data into excel you could simply use Vlookup function to copy data from that sheet, the lookup value being the “id” , and the column no. being same as Entry revision date/password revision date.

I haven’t tried it personally but you could try if you feel like its worth your time and effort.

Disclaimer : Work only a copy of the data.json file in another directory to avoid any corruption.

Many thanks Gaurav, but why is this not available in csv export of all data. Not your problem I know, just venting continued frustration of not being able to access data already in the database. This must be a common request surely???

Any idea where it is on a Mac? Looked but can’t find it anywhere!

Hi @tonyt - my guess is that this is it:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Bitwarden/data.json

Oh! Excel! Not using Numbers on a Mac then. I am stuck!

Sorry David, should have said thanks for location.

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