"DataProtection-Keys" warning - Should I worry?

Hi! I managed to install Bitwarden in my home server. Everything seems to work great and I’m very happy.
However, after inspecting the logs (via Portainer) I noticed this message:

Storing keys in a directory '/home/bitwarden/.aspnet/DataProtection-Keys' that may not be persisted outside of the container. Protected data will be unavailable when container is destroyed.
warn: Microsoft.AspNetCore.DataProtection.Repositories.FileSystemXmlRepository[60]

Should I worry? What does it mean?

I looked around and it seems that maybe this global environmental variable can do the trick:


But it looks like it is deprecated: https://bitwarden.com/help/environment-variables/#optional-variables


See my reply to your other thread:

Closing this one as the two threads are so similar.