Data processing agreement


As we are planning to use Bitwarden in our company, some topics are very important.

On the homepage I’ve read already something about the GDPR and that the hosting ia with Microsoft Azure.
But how can I get a data processing agreement?

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The thing is: all your data is encrypted and sent to the servers with no possibility to be (fairly) broken. No data is processed, just stored and re-encrypted between the Azure web servers and your local devices.

By the way, did you read the EULA and Help documentations on the website? There’s plenty of useful info there.

EDIT: Doing a better research, I found this. Try reading it (and the rest, if you’d like) to understand better the mechanics.

We do not provide a DPA at this time. If you want to be fully compliant with these GDPR requirements, you should consider hosting on-prem with your own servers.

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Thanks for your answer @kspearrin ! Is it possible to estimate when aprox you can provide a DPA?

Thanks @K0media for your research! :slight_smile:
Yes, I think I read that as well on the bitwarden homepage, in the FAQs.

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