Data Breach Report

The current data breach report is the only report where we manually have to type in the input (username). All the other reports are automatically created based on your vault entries. Is it possible to also create the data breach report automatically based on all usernames used in a vault?

E.g. it’s secure to use [email protected] instead of only one emailadress for all sites.
If the data breach report can automatically be generated based on the email addresses used in your vault, it’s much easier to check whether your accounts are breached. Currently we’ve to put in all different usernames one by one and by hand.

Please check this thread:

which page is used as a source for the Data Breach Report? I assume haveibeenpawned?
If yes, there might be some issue.

According to this response, it appears to be using the HaveIBeenPwned (HIBP) API.

It would probably be worth editing the blog post to explicitly state this.

Hm, there might be then problem with the API, because if I use the Data Breach Report for one of my emails it says all good. Also If I use the Firefox Monitor it says the same. But if I go directly to HaveIBeenPawned then it says the email is present on 2 breached sites.

I’ve read somewhere earlier that HIBP API has been presenting issues, as Kyle mentioned a few days ago. I’ll check the source and post here.

Here it is:

Please check this thread:

I know that feature already but my feature requests is something else :slight_smile:

We still need to give up an email address on the data breach report (OK it’s filled in automatically) but I use a lot of email addresses in my vault, so i don’t want to give an email address at all. I want Bitwarden to check all my used email addresses at once after clicking the button.

+1, I’m in the same situation with a bunch of email addresses and it would be nice to get an auto-generated report of any compromises, preferably without even clicking a button (like how Dashlane does it).