Data Breach Notifications

A feature where Bitwarden will notify you via app or email when your email is involved in a breach and the ability to add a list of emails to the breach report section would be nice.

Semi-related issue: Data Breach Report

That issue talks about manually needing to do breach report searches when you use a suffix (eg. [email protected]) but really, if the breach report was for all unique email addresses in the vault (which it seems like the second half of your suggest is), that would be great.


I second that. It would be so much easier, if it checked all my email addresses and then gave me a summary, instead of me having to check each one separately myself.

Maybe, just a thought: rather than try to make Bitwarden cover everything , why not instead try out one of these websites a few times a year: I have maybe 13 email addresses, and it only takes a couple minutes total.


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Or if you are using Firefox, you can set it up to automatically notify you when your e-mails are leaked in a databreach…