Dark Theme Consistency

Feature name:

  • UI refresh and consistency

Feature Description

  • how can I help make Bitwarden a more aesthetic and consistent product and end-to-end experience?

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q2/2022

I know you have some UI refresh in your backlog but what does it include? And does it align with your brand propose and position.

#tgreer, #UI, #UX

Hi @migo33!

Thanks for the post! We are working on updates that will start with icons, and then proceed to the web vault and then onto other clients.

cc @dflinn :partying_face:

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@migo33 Thank you for your interest in contributing! As Trey mentioned we are working on some UI updates and planning to provide a more consistent experience across clients.

That said, something that you could help with now, is providing consistency across our client Dark themes. Last year we release Dark theme for Web Vault which was created to align with our updated brand and to be WCAG 2.0 contrast compliant; now we are in the process of updating the Dark themes for Desktop and Mobile to match this revised look and feel. If you are interested in helping out with either of the themes mentioned above, let me know and I can reach out with additional details.

I’ll get in touch once I finish my evaluation. At the moment while I enjoy the free account I find the overall experience quite frustrating especially around the web extensions, saving new and updated credentials and generating new passwords.
So there is quite a lot of UX here and logic that needs addressing before UI.


Hi @dflinn
Sorry for the later reply. It is holidays time here in Australia and I haven’t been online much.
I will be happy to help with the UI, however, as I mentioned, there are a few UX issues that make this product a bit hard to work with and quite frustrating.
Let me know how we can proceed.

Just giving my 50 cents on the UI/UX. I am using the client for Windows and several times I found myself lost in the interface. My biggest issue was with the password edit/save button, that is placed at the most left of the right panel (right panel is where show the password data - username, password, folder, etc) .

I don’t know why, but as a user I expected a button that I most use to be bigger, with more contrast and in a better placement. Maybe below the password information with the same size of the name, user name and password.

I am no UI/UX expert, but I am pointing out how I felt as an user.

Thanks. You don’t need to be an expert. It’s common sense. The UI needs improvement and the UX needs a complete overhaul.

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In the iOS app, I seem to always be catching browsing the vault login entries, and then click on the item expecting it to launch the site; rather than editing it. This was how last pass behaved (to my recollection). To edit it should be enter through the options or menu button.

I would prefer that all my logins aren’t visible on the landing page with “All items” being default selection in web vault and pc app .
For ex- when i am at a work place or have my friends around me i wouldn’t want them to see the list of logins on dashboard. With favicons it wouldn’t be so hard to guess the login website even from far.

There is option to disable favicons but i guess would hamper our search and navigation function adversely.

So i feel a more privacy respecting dashboard could be considered along with future UI improvements for web vault and pc app.

One more suggestion from my side would be to bring colour coded folders , or unique identifiers to folders to improve navigation for people like me who use plenty of of folders.
Thanks :blush: