Cycle through multiple logins when auto-filling with keyboard shortcut



Currently the extension will only auto-fill the last used login when using keyboard shortcuts. If the user has more than one login for a website, pressing the auto-fill shortcut again before X seconds should cause it to auto-fill the next most recently used item. Or maybe we offer an alternative shortcut for “Auto-fill next login”?

Special case handling for Yahoo login

I’m not sure there’s much need for “after X seconds”. As a user who has multiple logins for same website, I would like to ctrl+shift+L, see login, ctrl+shift+L, see next login. Adding a delay would be annoying, if I can’t cycle as quickly as humanely possible, it will be faster to select correct login from extension (since it already filters relevant logins).


That was a typo. It should be “before X seconds”. Updated.


Actually, even with corrected version, I don’t see why you would stop functionality if certain numbers of seconds passed? If vault was locked during this time, ctrl+shift+L wouldn’t work anyway. A user might look through the window, thinking about life :wink: , look back at the screen and ctrl+shift+L again - it’s not any more risky than first ctrl+shift+L, regardless if 2s passed or 30s passed. (insert philosoraptor here)

If user missed the window of repeatable ctrl+shift+L, then shortcut wouldn’t work at all and for how long?


Somehow we have to differentiate between the first time someone pushes the hotkey (to autofill the last used) and subsequent pushes (cycle to next). Having a timeout on the subsequent press allows for this. This is why I suggested that maybe we just have a different shortcut for cycling.


TBH, still not sure why it would have to be a separate shortcut, or why a timeout is required.

A separate shortcut would have to be able to store the state of the cycling process. So why not just use that logic with the existing shortcut and if the state is “blank” you begin the cycle with the last used login for the site.

Using Lastpass as an example: no timeout or special shortcuts. Visit a site. Start hitting the shortcut until the login I want appears. Done. If autofill on page load is active, then it’s populated initially with the last used and the shortcut cycles from there onward.

Basically each tab just needs an “autofiller state” variable that BW can keep track of. Unless I’m missing something.


Well, I’m not saying that you should copy this feature, but on LP you can cycle between them (already filling in) by pressing Alt+PageUp/PageDown.

I like this and some other hotkeys that are set by default, like Ctrl+Alt+H to open the (local) vault (by calling up the Chrome’s extension page), Alt+W for quick search on a separate tab… These are the ones I use most.

Probably a shortcut to edit the website domain/username/password would be formidable. Now it’s up to you if you want to make this by calling up a tooltip or on a separate (new) tab.

For example: you press Shift+Alt+PgUp/PgDwn to show up the desired login you want to edit (press again if you want to cycle between them) and when you release you end up by editing the info on the pop-up or on a new tab. That would be fine to me.

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I’d like to increase the visibility of this and the other keyboard navigation request…this only has 10 votes right now but I feel that it could benefit a lot more people if only it were implemented and highlighted.

I have multiple logins for several sites (me or my wife, or home/work, …) and pressing Ctrl-Shift-L a couple of times to reach the one I want would be FAR simpler than having to mouse around and click what I want.


Please allow cycle when clicking the shortcut key


Any update on this?


I came here to request this exact feature. I manage many accounts for my customers that share a common base URL. I hate reaching for the mouse to fill these, it would be SO much more convenient to just hit my kb shortcut a few times to cycle to the one I want and then smash Enter.

Is this feature on the table at all?

Seems to be quite a popular request, based on the number of forum posts and Github issues raised e.g. #248, #277, #377, #529


I recently switched from LastPass and this is the only big thing I miss from LP.
Shortcuts to cycle through logins and then submit the form once found are huge.


I would very much like to see this. I feel a major improvement to UX would be to make the extension pop-up work with arrow keys immediately after opening. Currently you have to hit TAB three times to starting cycling through your options.