Customizable shortcuts of saved logins/URLs to add to home screen

Would be awesome if we were able to make customizable shortcuts that we can place on our home screen

Would be nice to be able to:
+Long press BW app and select something like “create shortcut”.
+select a saved login we have from our vault.
+select which of the saved URLs the shortcut would launch.
+when launched to browser, login info is auto-filled, and 2FA is copied to clipboard (not sure if this is possible, worth asking about though.
+If BW is locked, shortcut requests master pass before it executes launch.
+shortcut icon is favicon of the URL saved to it.

This would help people rely more on the privacy features of their browser and adblocker extensions (such as uBlock), by logging into mobile sites instead of downloading potentially malicious apps that contain trackers and other privacy compromising features (permissions to location, texts, etc). Making theses best practices easier to execute would be awesome.