Custom Fields

I have a couple of websites that don’t play well with BitWarden. I’ve tried everything I know or read about with no success. So, as a last effort, I want to use custom fields to fill in the username and passwords. Theory being their IDs in the HTML are not any of the names BitWarden recognizes. My question is… how do I find the name of the field in the HTML code. I’ve looked through the code but I didn’t see anything that looked like a username or password. Is there a tool I can use? Thanks in advance

The following should work in Chrome. Other browsers will have similar methods of finding the details you need.

Right click on the form element/text field in question and select “Inspect”. That will open a window to the right with the HTML source and the relevant bit of code in view. Look for the id or name of the field and use that as the custom field name.

Hope this helps :+1:t2: