Custom Fields for radio buttons

I’m looking for help with radio buttons like the following:

<div class="field-content medium-9 columns">
        <label class="radio-label"><input type="radio" name="contact_type" value="phone"> Mobile</label>
        <label class="radio-label"><input type="radio" name="contact_type" value="email"> Email</label>

        <input type="text" class="field block visible-no-type" disabled="disabled" placeholder="Select Mobile/Email first">
        <input type="text" name="contact_value" class="field block invisible-no-type">

which looks like:

I’d like to select “Mobile” and enter my cell phone number in the “contact_value” text field. But I can’t figure out how to specify the selection of the “contact_type” field to value “phone”.

@drjasonharrison Welcome to the forum!

Are you able to share the URL of this form?

Without the ability to test this, I would speculate that you might be able to make a custom field of the “Text” type, with field name contact_type, and the corresponding field value phone. However, I suspect that this form uses JavaScript to rewrite the HTML after you click the radio button, in which case autofilling will not work. Perhpas you can settle for manually clicking the “Mobile” button, and then using auto-fill for the number.

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