Custom Field: Hope to support CSS selector!


Except for the #id selector which is supported, all other CSS selectors seem to be invalid.

For example: input[type=checkbox]

test test
:x: #ls_cookietime[name=cookietime]
:x: ls_cookietime[name=cookietime]
:x: [name=cookietime]
:heavy_check_mark: ls_cookietime
:heavy_check_mark: name=cookietime

So can it be consistent with the CSS selector?
That is to say, when you fill in the :beginner:Bitwarden with the CSS selector, it can also be effective and work!

Regarding CSS selector, you can try this auxiliary tool extension, very easy to use!
CSS Selector Helper for Chrome™

It is integrated in the DevTools interface UI, You can quickly copy CSS selectors easily and freely!