CSS Layout; not enough pixel width for collections-view on the left pane - change width on webserver-container

Hello community,
our on-premise server ( Version 2022.10.0 ) has since some updates a viewing issue when you use bitwarden via browser;

On the left pane where the collections are, the pixel width is too small, thus you can only read a few characters.

1: question: Is it possible to change some CSS width parameters within the webserver-container to change them permanently (or use a different workaround)?

Our current workaround is on the client-browser-console to add a different CSS-tag-rule on the “insecptor-styleshee” replace with:
.container { width: auto !important; }
.col-3 { max-width: 40% !important; }
.col-9 { max-width: 60% !important; }

Thank you very much.

Hi @horschd! Can you provide some more information about the issue you’re experiencing? Ex. Which browser(s) are impacted

Based on what you shared, your issue may be related to Firefox addon popup menu differs in size · Issue #1451 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub which is related to a privacy setting to resist fingerprinting, but I’m not sure.

Hi @horschd,

possibly these 2 issues
([PS-1676] Resolve Send Filters being truncated by Hinton · Pull Request #3791 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub
[PS-1674] Correct truncation of ciphers in browser by Hinton · Pull Request #3792 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub)
are related which got addressed with 2022.10.1.

If you do not want to upgrade to 2022.11, please try upgrading to the minor versions (2022.10.1 or better 2022.10.2).

I tried
-Firefox 107.0.1
-Brave / Chromium Version 1.46.144 Chromium: 108.0.5359.128
-MS Edge Version 108.0.1462.54

PS: I recently updatet bitwarden self hosting shelf from 2022.10.0 to 2022.12.0,
unfortunately no improvement regarding CSS pixel width for collections

hi, I did update to 2022.12.0, unfortunately no improvement regarding CSS pixel width for collections

@horschd Thank you for your feedback.

Assuming this is in the web-vault, you could try if the setting Display full width layout helps with the readability of collections. It can be found under your account (top-right corner) → Account Settings → Preferences.

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Hi djsmith85, thanks a lot, this worked perfectly!

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@horschd Awesome, happy to hear that helped.