Credit card logos for card vault items

Feature name:

  • Credit card logos for card vault items

Feature Description


  • This will make it easier to find a credit card in list, and look more elegant
  • Streamlines the interface with login items which also uses specific logos as icons

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Web
  • Browser
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q4/2021

Any input/ ok to start work? @tgreer @kspearrin

Thanks @linusaarnio! Sounds good. Just a couple of items to note:

  • Currently, we don’t have those icons in the set, so you’ll want to create them to match the size/padding that we have today.
  • We do have an icon update forthcoming that may require a pause while things get merged, but there won’t be any conflicting icons for cards.
  • You’ll want to respect the ‘Hide Website Icons’ setting within the clients, as some users may not want to flaunt their card brands :wink:

Great, I’ll get on it then!

Thanks for pointing out the “Hide website icons”-setting, I didn’t know about it from before :blush: