Creation of an Emergency Kit

Feature name

  • Emergency Kit Generation ( à la the 1Password Emergency Kit)

Feature function

  • Automate generation of a simple (text/pdf) file, containing account details EXCEPT the master password.
  • Reason: I store all this information IN my Bitwarden vault, because it’s my safe place. However, that’s not a great place for it to be if I can’t access it, for some reason :triumph:
  • Example: Here’s a version that I’m currently using (and getting my referrals / friends to use too) - It’s just a text file, but it’s also Markdown compliant:
# Bitwarden Emergency Kit

The details below can be used to sign in to your Bitwarden account in an emergency.

1.  Store this document on a external drive or (cloud) storage location, USB key, etc
2.  [Optional] Print out this document.
    -   Write down the Master Password, or rely on the stated hint.
    -   Store in a secure place where you can find it, e.g. a safe deposit box

## Account

-   Sign-In Address      :
-   Email Address        : <account's email address / login>
-   Master Password      :
-   Master Password Hint : <account's master password hint>

## Notes

-   Account fingerprint phrase : <account's fingerprint phrase>
-   2-step login recovery code : <account's 2-step login recovery code>
-   Trusted emergency contacts :
    -   <name> : <email> <status e.g. (Accepted / Can Takeover)>

Created: Sat Jan 22 2022 09:38:47 GMT

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