Create new folder while creating a new item

In both the desktop app and web browser app, there should be the ability to Create New Folder right from within the dropdown box when selecting a folder to add a login to, to make it easier/quicker, so that we don’t have to navigate all the way to the Settings page just to create a new folder.

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To add to this - I suggest that the drop down should also be a text-entry field. That way we can type the folder we want and it will auto suggest (if it exists) or create a new folder. See how LastPass does it


I second this, it is pretty annoying. Especially since leaving the browser extension popup causes you to lose the work, so I have had to re-do my data entry after going back to add a folder.

Please add this! It is an annoying pain point and the only reason I would need to use the horrid web vault.

Creating a folder from the drop down menu kind of feels weird. I really like @kv87 suggestion.

I just started using Bitwarden, and this has already been a cause of frustration 3 times. It seems so obvious and intuitive. Please add it.

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Shouldn’t it be merged with this: Create new folder while creating a new item - #5 by Jakub
to combine the Votes, as both seem to ask for the same feature.

Btw. +1 from me

Yes, the whole folder handling is extremely complicated.
Creating Folders directly when creating new items,
creating folders in the Web Extension,
Drag and Drop to move items and folders.

Please just make this intuitive. I think this is quite a major point.

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I’m brand new to Bitwarden, I’m migrating from Lastpass. They have this feature, so I’m looking forward to see it implemented in Bitwarden as well.

This is such an obvious place for it to me - honestly I can’t even find where it is possible to create a folder, perhaps it’s not possible from the FF extension at all?

Thanks for the feedback @OJFord, it has been passed along to the team. Currently you can create folders by navigating to the settings menu.

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FWIW the main other thing I tried was navigating to Vault > Login, so you have the list of not-folder-ed items, and clicking the ‘+’. Perhaps ‘folder’ could either be a type of item added from there, or there could additionally be a ‘+folder’ icon next to the ‘+’.

I found this lack of functionality annoying right from the get go.
Please add.
It would also help to have a bunch of pre-defined folders, and for known sites to be saved to those folder by default (like lastpass does).
gmail, outlook, zoho mail etc will go in a folder called EMAIL by default.
online app and tools go into a folder called PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS

Bump and another hand in the air for this critical missing feature. Sure when somebody starts using Bitwarden, then won’t have that many items but they’ll soon end up with a bit long unmanaged list. As with all filing operations, little but often is the mantra so best practise of creating folders from the start is a very sensible suggestion.

Also, in the Bitwarden app where you can create folders, it’s not clear how you create an entry in a sub-folder, e.g. Clients/Apple. Right-click on the folder name (e.g. Clients) and “New folder” would be more intuitive IMO.

A small proposal that I would like to make is that there is the possibility of creating a new folder when an entry is being made to the vault. There could be a “New Folder” button to create it now instead of having to access the settings later to do so.

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A great big +1 from a newly-migrated-from-LastPass user. First annoyance I noticed.


Could you add a new feature in browser extension, when I add a new login I can choose one of my folders but if I want create a new I don’t see that option and I do that only via web vault…

wow 5 years and still no progress on this.
same is true of all the other missing features and annoyances I found with bitwarden since I started using it.
This is feeling rather like WHMCS.