Create New Custom Field by typing inside the field instead of having to press the "+" button

Feature name

  • Type to add New Custom Field

Feature function

  • Today to add a New Custom Fields to the Note or to the Login Card, one has to scroll down, select the type of the field and then, press the Blue + Button. This is cumbersome operation and it could be simplified. It is especially painful today when there’s a need to add multiple custom fields.
  • Instead I propose we change the UX of the operation by leaving an Empty Field space and a setting that changes the type of this field

GIVEN The user has Login Card or Secure Note open for editing/creation
WHEN The user types the text in the Empty New Custom Field
THEN The new Empty Custom Field is shown
AND Changing the field type is possible for each Custom Field

In this manner we save at least one operation of pressing the button for the user and the user’s task gets done faster.