Create collections from the desktop client


I’d like to request the ability to create collections (e.g. in an organization, not just local user folders) from the desktop client.

I’ve found a post from 2018 that ended up with a statement that this feature has been implemented, but no one in our team was able to find a button/plus symbol, etc… (Tested under Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu)

How do you create collections in the desktop app? If the feature is no longer available, I’d love to see this implemented as it’s the only thing preventing us from using the desktop app at the moment.


I’m also looking after this option.

having the same issue

You can manage the assignment of an item to existing collections within the clients. You just need to edit the shared item, then go to its collections. Then you can choose the assignment (as long as you have rw permissions for that collection, of course)

Example from the browser extension:

Click on “Collections”

And you’re presented with options to configure:

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately I’m looking for a way to create new collections, just assigning to existing collections does not suffice for my use case.

As you can see, there is no button that I can see in the native app to create a new collection:


Just a way to select an already existing one and a cancel button.

@PatrickSachs - understood. I should clarify that the thread mentioned in the beginning of this post was just for managing assignments and not for creating them in the clients. This request thread is still valid and your team didn’t miss anything :slight_smile:

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New to Bitwarden and new to the forums … somewhat confused… title of thread is asking for the ability to create a collection from the desktop client. That is what I would like too.

I’m also looking after this option.

Also looking for this option, would be very useful as for our use-case it’s the only thing we can’t do within the desktop app.

Any news about this feature request? I’m also looking for this option on desktop app. It will be very usefull, because for now we need to log in into the web vault each time I need to set a new collection whereas I’m logged all the time to the desktop app… So, it’s a waste of time IMHO.

Thanks for the feedback, this has been passed along to the team :+1:

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Thanks, hope it will be implemented soon :wink: