Create Account from Desktop seems to go awry

Am posting to show what was my first experience with getting started with BW.
Am moving away from LP.

Installed BW on the Desktop of macOS, 10.14.6.
Entered information for Create Account.
Checked box for TOS and Privacy Policy.

Spinning wheel in the Submit box.
Eventually some type of error notification appeared in the Create Account window. But the error was like browser code and did not remain long enough to be read or to take a screenshot.
Nothing appeared in the Create Account window to indicate success.
This was a concern as to what had happened.

Logged into the email address being used for the BW Acct. There was a Welcome email from BW,
So I went to the web BW Vault page and logged in. Later did the verification of the email and that went fine.

Any ideas what happened? I know that is a wide open question but was not a good feeling just getting started. Have begun the process of adding some accounts.

Hi Nancy,

Not sure what happened but it sounds like a general web connectivity type of issue, similar to how a web page sometimes might not load and you need to refresh. As you’ve been able to log into your vault and you’ve started adding passwords, it looks like everything was set up correctly.


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