✅ Create a way to manage estate planning (pass on account credentials in emergency situations)

Dear Bitwarden team,

Maybe I missed this ability, but having gone through surgery and thinking about my will and I noticed that it is not easily possible in bitwarden to pass on my credentials to somebody else in case of an emergency.
I actually have to pass on access in my will to my phone or pc to avoid problems with 2FA.
It would be awesome, if you included something as ordered by lastpass (https://blog.lastpass.com/2018/11/3-ways-to-prepare-for-your-digital-afterlife.html/).

Best regards

Hope you’re meanwhile recovered well from surgery.

It’s actually the top voted request for more then a year now. Unfortunately so far no response from Bitwarden on it.

Hey folks,

Agreed, hope you are indeed doing better!

We do have this on the todo list, currently in the planning / requirements phase. :grinning:


I would like to have a “deadman switch” where we could have bitwarden email me (Default=every month, requires 2FA with email to be enabled?) and I would need to click a link (default=within a week) with a reminder (Default=daily). If I failed to click the link, it should send an email to another person(s) (and myself) with an explanation of the email and a randomly generated password on how to access the passwords. This feature should be able to work on both bitwarden.com and self hosted versions.


What’s the status on this? I want to switch away from LastPass but I do need this feature first to be available.

Emergency Access is going to be available this month, which should cover this thread’s request.


Emergency Access is live! Please post any issues/bugs (not questions or enhancement requests) to: Issues · bitwarden/web · GitHub

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