Create a new user

Hello Community,

I have installed Bitwarden in a Proxmox VM on a Docker container.
When I go to the website of my bitwarden and want to create a new user I get a server error.
An unhandled server error has occurred.
What can I do?

Hi Andre, how is the docker being installed on your Proxmox VM?
I have my personal homelab server which runs Proxmox as well, there I have an Ubuntu VM which is dedicated for Bitwarden, docker is installed and Bitwarden runs from script.

Could you provide more possible information about the server error you encounter?
How is the web vault being accessed in the browser, and does the VM have connection to get a valid certificate installed for SSL.

These are a few places I would start to look, and possibly providing any server logs you may have would be helpful in diagnosing your issue.

1.Less than 2GB of memory

Run command: docker logs -f bitwarden-mssql, If it shows sqlservr: This program requires a machine with at least 2000 megabytes of memory.

2.No SMTP configured

Ahhh I see, you may wish to give your VM in Proxmox slightly more RAM as Bitwarden does require at least 2GB of memory or more ideally 4GB, per the minimum hardware requirements.

As for SMTP not being configured I am not sure if that is a requirement but the self-host documentation does mention SMTP at a minimum should be set.

If hardware limitations prevent you from being able to add additional memory, you may find some better luck with other password managers from the community. There are 3rd party community projects, which will allow you to self-host with stricter hardware constraints, and allow for multiple users in the case you do not have a valid SMTP server.
If you settle on another software, hopefully good support can be found through their community, but we are always here to assist with any Bitwarden related items. :slight_smile: