Corrupt password in the mobile app

One of my passcodes was entirely changed to a sentence from the multi-character “safe” passcode I have in place. How did this happen? How can I fix it? Is BW safe?

@JGrant Hi!

Did you try to login with it? Maybe you changed the password some time ago and don’t remember now? Or the other way round: you didn’t change it and now you assume you must have changed it. (no personal blame - experienced everything of that already myself)

From my experience, a credential changing itself is very unlikely.

Did anyone else have access to your vault?
Could the vault be compromised?
Or maybe you accidentally used the generator from that vault item? Check the password history in that vault item - maybe your previour password is in there.

That would be my first guesses/steps. :thinking:

PS: Ah, if I remember correctly, every Bitwarden app has it’s own password history. So if you use the other Bitwarden apps as well, and could have generated a password not only in the mobile app, I would check the password history in the other apps as well.

The first things I would have checked were:

  1. Does the password actually work on the site?
  2. Check when the password has changed; were you using the site at the time?
  3. Do you have “Ask to update existing login” on? Is the new password something you could have typed, or cut and paste into a form on that site?

There is no known wide-spread breach with Bitwarden.

I think I solved it.
It was a mistake on my part.
Thanks for taking the time to respond

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