Correct nginx config for self hosted linux behind proxy

I’m working on setting up a self hosted instance on linux. It will ultimately sit behind a proxy that will provide SSL. What is the correct settings in nginx/default.conf when doing this? when I start up the app, several of the services constantly restart and I’m thinking its because of an SSL related misconfiguration.

I’m referring to the docs located here: Install and Deploy Manually | Bitwarden Help Center

Sorry I don’t have an answer for you…but I struggled with this for days. And gave up.

I decided to have HAProxy just send TLS through to the container running nginx.

Obviously, this requires the cert on the host – which has to be in ./bwdata/ssl if you aren’t using the Docker version of certbot. (I am not.)

to make bitwarden use your ssl, you should take a look at bwdata/config.yml file. you should do a / rebuild to apply your changes after modifying that file.