Copy without spaces - credit card number

Hi team, I would find it very useful if there was an option to strip spaces out of credit card numbers when copying and pasting to a website. I know I could store them without spaces in BW but I always think it looks better and less prone to errors to have 4 groups of 4 digits. Some websites are happy to have numbers pasted in this way, a few even insist on it, but others only have a 16 character text box and with the spaces it only pasts 13 digits, meaning I have to paste to notepad, remove the spaces, and copy/paste back to the website.

There is actually some activity to allow you to store them in Bitwarden without spaces, but display them with appropriate spacing based on the card type:

Feature request:

Github work:

Hopefully it will be picked up and completed soon :slight_smile:


I agree with the links that Trey provided that probably the best solution is to store them without spaces, but display them as the user prefers.

I think that will meet Alan’s desires without introducing any new issues. Best of both worlds. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, yes that would work for me :slight_smile:

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