Copy from Notes Field



Currently on the mobile app, you can’t select text in the notes field when you are viewing an entry. I like to keep things like account numbers in the notes field of a website login (or CC numbers, etc…). I imported from Keepass and don’t have custom fields set up at this point, and sometimes it’s just easier to put things in notes anyway.

This feature request is simply to enable the ability to select text within ios in the notes section so I can click “copy.”

The workaround for now is to EDIT, then select, then copy. A lot more clicks is all.


Coalesce login entries and notes, and generalize to multiple fields that can be copied to clipboard

+1. This’d works be a great feature and such a time saver. I rarely need to copy the entire note. It’s also a security risk copying the entire notes if there are a lot of sensitive information there.

Ideally make it an option so people can default to one option or the other