Contributing to the documentation

Hi, I just tried to contribute to the public API help of Bitwarden but the repository is marked as read-only.

I have a correction proposition for the swagger.json file because it is failing the openAPI generator’s valuidation right now.

How can I contribute my findings?

Hi @dawnstrider, thanks for your interest in contributing!

For context, back in January we archived the documentation Github repos and moved to a new toolset. Right now the best way to contribute is to use the Make a Suggestion button found in most Help Center articles (but unfortunately not found on because that’s a swagger page).

If you go to Bitwarden Public API | Bitwarden Help & Support and, using the Make a Suggestion button, write up a description of the changes you’d propose (you can even paste the raw JSON, if you’d like), I’ll make sure that gets seen by the team.

Thanks again!