Context Menu Not Filtering By Site?

When I use the context menu, it doesn’t filter or sort by site at all. It also always has “Vault is logged out.” as the first option. Here is what it looks like: It filters properly in the extension widget drop down thing, and shows me eg only the hacker news entry when I’m on that site. I am using Base Domain URI detection.

Is this normal? I would really like to have it filter by site like lastpass does, since I mostly use the context menu. I prefer it for several reasons - it is keyboard only, and on sites I have multiple logins, I can’t rely on ctrl+shift+L to choose the right one (also these are the sites I log into/out of most, since I am switching accounts). Also this page seems to indicate it should filter by site. Any help appreciated.

This seems to have started working correctly, one day later, at least on one of my browsers where this is installed, so maybe it will start working on the others too.