Containerise Bitwarden Directory Connector

Feature name:

  • Containerise Bitwarden Directory Connector
  • Facilitate multiple sync profiles

Feature Description

  1. A working BWDC Docker Image
  2. A working folder structure
  3. A working docker-compose for docker-compose up -d

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Directory Connector

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: A week (with the help of this community :slight_smile: )


kindly advise on previous experiences

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Hi @haneef95 , while we have plans on the roadmap to take our directory-connector to the next level, this would also be a great and likely welcome addition, great idea!


Yes, I’ve been waiting for a little while too for that! I’ve been meaning to get this done, hopefully, it’ll be done soon.

WIP! Looking to make a first iteration PR for feedback soon. :slight_smile:

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Does bwdc sync respect the syncConfig->interval in data.json?

Meaning: if bwdc sync was to be executed less than x minutes after the last-sync, would it abort?


@haneef95 as far as I am aware, the desktop/GUI version of BWDC is the only version that syncs at that interval at a minimum. Running the sync manually should sync regardless.

The CLI version requires a scheduled bwdc sync via cron or similar

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Thanks @tgreer

It’s just a bit of challenge when implementing a wrapper to cater for multiple profiles:

Containerise (docker image) v1 ready for Alpha testing!

This is now complete and available for alpha testing:

Can be tested by executing the following instructions on bash

git clone
git checkout containerise_v1
cd bitwarden-directory-connector
export ENV="dev"

This will:

  1. Build the image with the v2.9.8 of bwdc and the relevant wrappers (scan for profiles and sync profile)
  2. docker-compose up -d with a relative directory as a docker volume for the bwdc sync profiles
  3. create a sync profile on: ./data/bwdc-profiles with the name syncprofile_1 (sub directory for the JSON bwdc data-file

To test with your own sync profile, just create a new directory in bwdc-profiles, and place the data.json file with the appropriate config.

Happy testing! :smiley:


Pull request submitted, looking forward to it being merged and published

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Hey guys,

Any timeline to review the above PR?


Thanks for the ping!

The most of the team is heads-down prepping for a release next week, so it may be a couple of weeks before review is complete.


I see, thanks for the update.

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Any movement on this?

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Hello, yes please, this would be very helpful in many ways! @haneef95 thank you for pushing this forward!

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