Connections problem on m'y phone


On m’y phone i Can connect bitwarden account on net but i can’t on m’y sert hosted server.

I Can sera nothing on m’y serveur log.

How i Can debug this problem?


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Hello Guillaume,
Did you enter the server URL in the bitwarden clients?
Can you explain the problem you are facing in a little more detail?
Maybe this will be helpful for you Install and Deploy | Bitwarden Help & Support

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yep I have use the well for update my private server url. I use my private service on my laptop and several browser without problem. But on my phone Galaxy A41 (Android10) and app bitwarden 2.8.0 I can use public server but not my private instance. My boy ont her phone he dan’t have the same problem.

could you know who I can enlarge my logg durint the connection phase ?


I think what he meant was that he did configure the custom URL in the settings before sign in the application.
He is using the web extension and the web client without any problems. But on his phone, we cannot log in into his account.
Even I, using the same server, can log in the android application.

Do you know if there is a way to get more logs of the application to know why the application fails at log in ?