Confused signing up to Enterprise

I want to move us over from LastPass to Bitwarden, but I’m having trouble working out the parallels in functionality. Currently, everyone has an LastPass account that is part of a LastPass Team, and some of us also have linked accounts.

So, going through the setup process to create a new Enterprise account, it tells me I need to set up a Personal account first. So I’ve done that for me (using my email), and have actually replaced my personal LastPass with Bitwarden. Now, when creating an Organization, one of the questions it asks me is “This account is owned by a business”. Question 1: Is this referring to my personal account, or the organization that I’m creating? If it’s referring to my personal account, should I set up a Personal account with my email address? With it not being fast / easy to switch between them, I don’t really want to maintain 2 accounts, but I don’t really want work to “own” my personal account either.

Question 2: What process should I go through, and what combination of accounts/organizations do I need to replicate our current set-up?

The reason we have multiple accounts currently is that it allows people to separate their personal and work credentials. We have some shared folders, but we also have credentials that are private to the user but only used for work purposes (eg logins to SaaS systems). These don’t strictly need to be stored in a work account, if it looks like it would be easier to just let everyone use their own accounts.

Question 3: I’m planning on setting up Azure AD Sync. If we do that, will people be forced to use their address as the username?

Sorry if these questions are elsewhere, but I’ve tried having a read through and don’t quite seem to be able to find what I’m after (and I don’t want to burn through my trial, only to find that I’ve misconfigured it from day 1).