Confused about multiple companies and individuals

I have four separate constituencies. I would like to use/recommend Bitwarden to all:

  1. My own personal credentials (I’m very happy using Bitwarden for my own needs now)
  2. Credentials for 2-3 individuals at Company A (I’m their IT consultant, so I need access too)
  3. Credentials for a (different) set of individuals at Company B (I’m also their IT guy)
  4. My spouse.

My questions:

  • What do I get? (I’m not allergic to spending money)
  • I frequently need to look at my own credentials, Company A, and Company B. Would I need to “log out” of my personal credentials to look at Company A? Or would I be able to have both (or all three) vaults/sets of credentials open with a single password?
  • The folks at the other companies will likely have their own credentials that I have no business accessing. How could we set that up?
  • I won’t need to get into my spouse’s vault frequently, but will want the ability from time to time. (And as a legacy, “in case I get hit by a bus” safeguard, she should be able to get into my personal vault, as well.) What’s the best plan?

Many thanks!

@tgreer Maybe there’s something I should be reading that addresses these questions. Any links? Thanks.

Hey @richb-hanover!

For this scenario, sounds like you’d need 3 organizations:

  • Family Org for you + spouse (if you wanted premium features, or a free 2-person org would work)
  • Teams / enterprise org for company 1
  • Teams / enterprise org for company 2

You’d be a member of all 3, and each of the other orgs would just have the appropriate members.

You could theoretically accomplish this all in one Teams/Enterprise organization where you just administer everyone and control the items they have access to and share, but the above option keeps a separation of data for each company/client.

Here’s some helpful docs:

And for comic relief, a super-fast graphic of the above:

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This is exactly the overview I was looking for. THANKS!

(I looked for the ability to add [SOLVED] to the subject, or to mark your answer as a solution, but those seem to be blocked.)

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