Conflict detection when syncing (sync bug?)

Hi all, I am just a newcomer here and I am using Bitwarden for just 1 day. Almost all I see on windows program, chrome extension and android app ware very good stuff.

But one thing happened that made me lose an information.

I was using both chrome extension and windows application, editing a credential wich has TOTP, more than one URL and notes (a recorery password to be used when TOTP is not avalable).

After all information added, I noted that some info ware added thru chrome extension and other information was added on the windows desktop. For a second I thought: “Is not smooth the sync on this…”. But I was sure it would be safe to order a sync on both clients, one at a time.

I suppose one of 2 behaviour would happen: merge information in one credential record, or creation of 2 records without loosing any information.

But, sad surprise, I lost information.

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