Compare exported browser passwords to Bitwarden passwords

I have a jumble of passwords from different browsers that I am trying to consolidate cleanly in Bitwarden. I think that everything I have in Bitwarden is correct, but there are duplicates in exported browser passwords that are out of date, and of course, I do not want them to overwrite what is in Bitwarden.

So is there a way to import just passwords that don’t already exist in Bitwarden? Or is there some other process for doing this not only cleanly but without taking hours?

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Not sure if this helps you or not, but when you import into Bitwarden, your existing records will never be overwritten — new entries will always be created for the imported records.

Thanks. That is good to know and will help with part of the problem by not overwriting correct credentials. But then I would have to go through the list in Bitware and figure out which duplicates were the right ones and which to delete. That might be the best strategy, but it is going to take more time than I would have preferred.

Your best bet is probably to export your Bitwarden vault, and then use Excel or something similar to compare this data set to your other exports, so that you can clean up the other exports before importing them into Bitwarden.

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