Command line option to launch bitwarden (desktop) in the background

currently the Bitwarden desktop app automatically opens in the foreground.

but it may be usefull for a lot of people to launch bitwarden automatically to the system tray,
as some people like bitwarden to autostart on system startup.

adding a --silent option when launching from the commandline would be really helpfull

:+1: I didn’t originally understand the point of Bitwarden desktop, but then thought that maybe it’s supposed to be a backup of the online vault indepedent of browsers, but that didn’t seem the case as I wasn’t able to figure out how to start it silently.

The command line flag --help is also missing, when it’s given, the app just launches normally and asks me to unlock the vault.

the main point of the desktop app for me is to login on desktop applications, like steam, discord, skype, slack, spotify without having to open the browser