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Ok I’ve already fallen foul of the Lastpass csv duplicate entries bug. But before I start again, I’d like to ask about Bitwarden vault organisation and use. In Lastpass I have set up two identities, one for me, the other for my wife. This way we can keep our two sets of sites/passwords separate, although we can use each others sites/passwords if required, just by changing identities within the vault. Is this possible within Bitwarden, and if it is, what is the best way of importing the data from Lastpass, and organising Bitwarden’s vault.
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ps. My guess is that you are going to get a LOT of refugees from Lastpass,

Hello @Basjoe and welcome to the community,

Would you be able to clarify this a bit more? Do you have duplicate entries in your LastPass export, or did you get duplicates when importing your data from LastPass into Bitwarden and then were left with multiple duplicates in your Bitwarden vault?

Regarding this, there is a feature known as Account Switching that is currently available within the Desktop application and the mobile apps, with the browser extension being worked on as well.
However, this is primarily geared towards switching between different accounts an individual user might have, such as a personal a work account.

The way Bitwarden recommends to have account setup would be for both you and your wife to create separate accounts with your own master password, you may choose to share your master passwords with each other (though I personally don’t recommend this though I’m sure there are those here who do).
You will each then have your own individual Vault where you can privately store logins, notes, etc.

For items that need to be shared you can create an Organization, even a free 2-person Org should fit your needs.
There you and your wife can both be a member of the Organization, and share logins with each other by creating or moving items into that Org to share.

This also wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a wave of users from LastPass :wink:, (the previous of which being the major changes to their free tiered plan and limiting functionality).
We’re always welcome to any new users and hope to provide a helpful community where everyone can remain secure.

It’s duplicate entries in the Lastpass export csv file. To fix it, not only do you have to log out of Lastpass, but you also have to close Chrome and re-open it again, and then log into Lastpass.

I’ll take a look at Organization, and how that might work for us. Bitwarden is certainly very different.

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