Collections page is not working

On Bitwarder 2.25.0, when a user with “Manager” rights wants to Manage the collections from an Organization, the collection page stays in a loading state, showing nothing but the loading spinning wheel, as seen in the picture below:
Image Pasted at 2022-1-25 10-12
Even trying with “Custom” setting, when selecting the collections options, these selections are not preserved after Saving the changes.
Also, checking on the Console of the web browser it shows the following error:

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): t: {"response":{"Object":"error","Message":"Resource not found.","ValidationErrors":null,"ExceptionMessage":null,"ExceptionStackTrace":null,"InnerExceptionMessage":null},"message":"Resource not found.","validationErrors":null,"captchaRequired":false,"statusCode":404}

If anyone was facing the same issue and was able to solve it, please share your findings.

Thanks for the help.