Collections - Force User not to save passwords as owner


Can an option be added to force the way passwords are added to collections?

If teams of users add passwords to a collection they may accidentally leave the owner of the password as themselves.

Collections are meant for sharing but not if it’s handled like a personal vault… it’s a recipe for mistakes to be made.

Your consideration will be much appreciated.

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We do have an item on our backlog to allow admins to specify the organization vault as the default saving mechanism. :+1:


I would like this as well. The basic idea is that my wife and I want to have separate logins, but that only works if she can, by default, save new items to the organization rather than to her own data store. If it’s something she has to do manually it’s not going to happen, and our password storage is going to get fragmented across our accounts.


Any word on this? Many of my non-tech users keep saving passwords as their own, so the team doesnt have access to it!

Coming this month :metal:

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Delayed shortly - apologies for not updating this thread!

When logged into the Bitwarden Browser Extension you are prompted to save passwords by a banner:

“Should bitwarden remember this password for you?”

While this is quick and easy, it assumes personal ownership.

I am requesting an additional prompt that allows the user to identify ownership of an item when saving credentials from the banner.

This would improve ease of use for enterprise users by eliminating additional steps needed to change ownership after saving.