Collection of favicon links?

Much has been written about the problems Bitwarden sometimes has when fetching the favicon of a website. I’m aware of what you can do about that, and the feature to set custom icons has been requested often enough. But with where things are at, (why) has nobody done anything about it?

If the issue affects everyone besides self-hosting users the same, why isn’t there a collection of non-working websites with the corresponding fixed links? Wouldn’t anyone simply be able to look the website they have issues with up and immediately find the link, or am I overlooking something here?

You could take this even further: With a collection/index of websites and corresponding favicons, it would mostly compensate for missing custom icons. Of course, you’d run into the difficulty of some websites changing favicons, domains etc., but just a few basic symbols would be enough for many users.

Do these exist somewhere already, and if not, why? Wouldn’t a community forum be a great place for users to share things like this for the benefit of everyone?