Cmd + shift + L stopped working in firefox

what do you suggest to check when suddenly the cmd + shift + L shorct stopped working,
my config: MacOS Monterey 12.2, Firefox 97.0, bw plugin 1.55

You might want to see if the shortcut is still active for the extension:

  • Right-click the Bitwarden icon in Firefox and select Manage Extension
  • On the page that opens, click the gear icon (Tools for all add-ons) and select Manage Extension Shortcuts
  • Verify the shortcut is active for “Auto-fill the last used login for the current website”

If all appears to be correct, you may have a shortcut conflict with another extension or a system-level shortcut, in which case you might consider changing the Bitwarden shortcut (or find the conflict). Hope you get it resolved!

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yet another extension took that shortcut, so there were two extensions trying to use the same one, it works fine now, thanks for that tip!

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