CLI command "bw import" doesn't work

I exported a file using:

bw export --format json

and entered my pw, etc… that part works fine. I then edited the resulting json file and changed all the androidapp: URLs to match of 3 (this is to fix a different problem I’m having with the Android app where there are lots of spurious entries. Let me know if there is a better way to fix this).
Then when I try to import:

bw import bitwardenjson ~/bitwarden_export_20210423214459.json

It pretends to succeed but nothing changed.

A few days later, I found 3 copies of every entry. Apparently all those attempts succeeded, but AFTER they said they did.

Note that the bw sync command didn’t help. I think only time fixes this.

So the correct export/import process is this:

  1. Export your vault
  2. Export the Organization vault to a different file if you have shared items
  3. (optional) Make your modifications to the exported json or csv file
  4. (optional) If you used csv, and if you want to merge duplicates, use the duplicate checker/merger on it.
  5. Purge your vault (and Organization vault) so you don’t make more duplicates. Better yet, select all/delete so you can restore if needed.
  6. Import your file(s) to your vault(s).