Clear custom field


I am trying to clear custom field. Leaving it empty in item configuration in Bitwarden will not empty it, but rather leave the existing value intact.

How can I do that?

Thanks in advance!

Not really sure what you want to do, but I can think that the Value field cannot be empty.
What is the reason to have a field that should not be filled in (empty value)?

Perhaps to clear a default ?

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Exactly, Peter_H.

I need to change 10 form fields twice per day. And some of them are not always filled with value, but need to be cleared/empty.
If I just leave “Value” field blank (as seen on picture), form field will not be cleared. Perhaps I need to put some magic word in “Value”?

Have you tried to enter a single space only?

And here is a workaround:
Take a look at AutoHotkey. In the beginning it may not be the easiest way, but it definitely is the most flexible.

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Peter_H, that did the trick: Putting a space as value.
It looks that Bitwarden accepts this as command to clear the target field. I haven’t found this in papers.

BTW, AHK is a great tool, I’m using it extensively. But don’t find it handy when script is to be changed so frequently as in this case.